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Realistic start of BEŁCHATÓW POWER PLANTS unit shutdown

1 January 2030



 renovation and modernisation of district heating networks to improve the energy efficiency of district heating systems, and investment in heat generation, provided that heat generating installations are based exclusively on renewable energy sources;


 investments in digitalisation, digital innovation and digital connectivity;


 investments in revitalisation and decontamination of degraded land, restoring the functions of areas and – including, where necessary, in green infrastructure projects and land-use change – taking into account the "polluter pays" principle;


 investments in strengthening the circular economy, including through waste prevention and reduction, resource efficiency, reuse, repair and recycling.


JTF shall only support the following activities:





 productive investment in SMEs, including micro-enterprises and start-ups, leading to economic diversification, modernisation and restructuring;


 investment in the creation of new businesses, including through business incubators and consultancy services, leading to the creation of jobs;


 investment in research and innovation activities, including those carried out by universities and public research organisations, and activities to promote the transfer of advanced technologies.

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 up-skilling and re-skilling of workers and jobseekers;


 job search assistance for jobseekers;


 active social inclusion of job seekers;


 other actions in the areas of training and social inclusion, including, where duly justified, investment in infrastructure for training centres and childcare and elderly care facilities, as identified in the territorial equitable transformation plans in accordance with Article 11.



 investments in the deployment of technologies and in systems and infrastructure for affordable clean energy, including the deployment of energy storage technologies, and in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions;


 investments in renewable energy in compliance with Directive 2018/2001 of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) (17), including the sustainability criteria set out in that Directive, and in energy efficiency, including for the purpose of reducing energy poverty;


 investments in smart and sustainable local mobility, including decarbonisation of the local transport sector and its infrastructure.



The European Commission has approved the European Funds programme for the Łódzkie region. A record 2 billion euro, 745 million euro of EU funds will go to our region. This is almost half a billion euros more than in the previous programming period.


This amount consists of:


 1.7 billion euro – earmarked for so–called hard measures, i.e. investments in transport, health and cultural infrastructure, as well as support for entrepreneurs;


 658 million euro – for so–called soft measures, i.e. social support, training for employees and retraining, as well as scholarships for students;


 369.5 million euro – for Just Transition.

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